Friendly, local, trustworthy dog walking, cat sitting, pet minding, and puppy/kitten visits - right here in our gorgeous Jewellery Quarter!



Big love

In addition to walks, cuddles, playtime and sparkly clean litter trays, it's also about all the little things that make your pup or kitty happy! Do they love their chin rubbed or their ears scratched? Do they go nuts for feather toys or scrunched up paper? How do they feel about other pets and strangers? It will all be remembered!

WhatsApp udpates

Your little guy or girl is a member of your family, and it can be nerve-wracking to find someone you can trust to care for them while you are at work or away. You will receive daily messages, photos and videos of your cheeky fluffball straight to your phone, no matter where you are!

Safe hands

I am DBS checked and fully insured with a specialist pet business insurance provider for dog walking, pet sitting, pet care, and related services.

Local + personal care

Woof & Swagger is an independent, solo-owned business serving only the Jewellery Quarter community. No franchises or large team of rotating employees – you and your sweet pup or kitty will always see the same friendly face of Emma, the owner. 

Emma is fantastic.

She is a good time keeper, has a great rapport with us and the doggies. I’m a huge worrier but she has put my mind at rest and we also get regular pupdates and pictures which is great and very much appreciated.

I thoroughly recommend.

Thank you Emma.

Eddie Lee,

Teddy & Molly

Maggie Austin,


I’ve been using Emma

since I moved to Birmingham.

She is amazing at her job and I made a point when I moved apartment of staying in her catchment area so I could continue to use her services.


My dog adores her and she is reliable and brings him back tired every time! I couldn’t ask for more and I hope to keep her as his walker for a very long time!


Whether you need someone to walk your doggy best friend while you're at work, check on your new kitten or puppy, or keep your kitties company while you're on holiday, I'm here to help. If there is something you need that is not listed here, let me know!

Additional pups from the same household receive a 50% discount!






1x daily

2x daily


Perfect if you have a new puppy who hasn't been fully vaccinated yet, or an elderly or small dog who does not need a walk.


I will pop in for around 20 minutes to play with them, give them cuddles, take them to their toileting area, and refresh their food and water. I can also help with puppy socialisation, tricks and basic training! 

Visits are typically in the morning and/or afternoon, but alternative times may be possible.







up to 30 min

up to 60 min

A nice long neighbourhood walk, which can include St Paul's Square or Brookfields / Key Hill Cemetery. Walks can be on or off leash, either in pairs or solo. Fresh water and a towel-down will be given afterwards, leaving your pup happy and ready for a sweet comfy nap! 

Walks are provided Mon-Fri, typically between 8am and 3pm.

I am very comfortable with nervous, shy and reactive dogs and am happy to provide solo-only walks (+£5 hourly).


per hour



If you are working late, having a big night out, you have a new puppy who can't be left alone too long, or your dog struggles with separation anxiety, I can come over to keep your pup company while you are out.


Your pup will be treated to lots of love and attention, cuddles, food, water, playtime, and all of the other fun things that make them happy!

Prices include up to 2 cats from the same household. Additional kitties receive a 50% discount.



1x daily



2x daily



Ideal if you have a new kitten who can't be alone all day, or an adult cat if you are away for a few days. I will pop in for around 20 minutes and give your little fluff-ball everything they need to make them happy. Feather toys, laser pens, string, paper balls - I come fully prepared! And of course, plenty of fuss and attention, fresh food and water, kitty treats (with permission!) and a sparkly clean litter tray.

Visits are typically in the morning and/or afternoon, but alternative times may be possible.




add-on service

If you are away on holiday for a week or longer, you might feel that pop-in visits are not enough. This offers a great alternative to catteries, because your kitty gets to stay in their own home, where they are most comfortable. 

I will come and keep your cat company for a couple of hours in the evening, leaving them happy, well-fed, all played out and ready for sweet dreams! 

You can also combine evening sitting with 1 or 2 pop-in visits through the day.




Contact me to check my availability. If you need something that isn't listed here, just ask!


Tell me a bit about yourself and your fur-baby (age, breed type, etc.), what you need, and where you're located in the JQ (building or street name is fine!).

I'll come over to meet you and your pet(s)! 


We'll talk through what you need and go through any questions that you have. 


We'll then fill out an

intake form to get you all set up and registered!

Once we've had our meet n' greet, your booking(s) can then start!

You'll receive an invoice every Monday for the services received the previous week.

If it's a one-off booking, you'll receive an invoice the same day that your booking is complete!



You can message me on WhatsApp by tapping the button above or use the contact form below!

Area Served

Woof & Swagger serves dog and cat owners in the Jewellery Quarter neighbourhood only. If you live nearby in the City Centre or Digbeth, please feel free to get in touch. Even if I cannot serve your area at this time, I can alert you in future if our reach expands!

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